Towards The Discrete

No Boundaries
"There are no boundaries in things. Laws try to impose some, and the mind cannot bear it."- Pascal, Mathematician and philosopher (b.1623-d.1662)

In the intercourse between applied aesthetics and a thorough admittance of the mnemonic and morphic essentialism of digital tools, exists the Ideal.

Though the Ideal is not necessarily conducive to the human it is the predicted realm of our intentionality. It is the Platonic model upon which lower forms come into existence in envious simulation. It is the state of the non-dead, the non-human, the faultless and stringently abstract.

Constantly entertained and illuminated by its own brilliance, it is the hallucinated inscriptions of our wish. So linked to desire, it is Janus like, Eros and Thanatos combined in a rhythm of vain artificiality that defines an always coming into being. As such it is monstrous in its adaptability, its aptitude to transmigrate, to transform itself into something else. A something else that is yet, only a facet of its basic impossibility - stainless, uncorrupted, ageless, without substance.

Hermeneutical Bits
"Multiplicity which is not reduced to unity is confusion. Unity which does not depend on multiplicity is tyranny."- Pascal

Hysterically definitive, thoroughly logical, repeated chants of Zeros' and Ones' gives you any number of numbers to a practical infinity of mathematically seasonable strawberry fields. The binary diffuses an exactitude of similitude, rains an illusion of perfectitude through continual electronic switches allowing and disallowing, in algorithmic procedural commands.

There Is No God But God
So, what does this reflect but the successes of an inhuman patience, an Alhabraic monotony of labyrinthine design. Moslem culture with its violence against representations and appreciation of repetitive abstraction finds a home in your hard drive. There is no God but God. Terminal language. Program Language.

The adjustable face of grammar, the originating of human intelligence replaced by the nervous excitation of an expecting, silicon mask. An immaculate mask of distinct memory, but no resemblances.

Und So Weiter Or And So On
To be like the capacity of each wave of the ocean remembering every other wave of the ocean that has ever been.

The essential fluidity of digital discourse insists upon a massive turning of attention upon the tongue, the language, the intercourse, between programs.

What program are you watching? What program is watching you? What program are you acting in?

In the theoretical asanas of structuralism, deconstruction, and in information theory, where analysis is reflexive, where meta codes configure the plastic operants of creativity, the hands of differance meet, tied and bound to a new and improved uncertainty.

These contents, the complexities of tomorrow, the magic and fantasy of the impossible made possible, have not come yet, other than in fragments, at best in installments of a more integrative existence and pushed up against the wall, we are violated by a promise of our own making. All heavens, all arabian nights, all mirror palaces, and bright blue flowers, ice crystal castles and luminous landscapes and mythical animals who lay down with one another in peace and harmony.

The promise of the perfect thursts a hollow shaft of impregnable light and in whispered seductive technological jargon, camouflages its hostile, virulent virus.

Or The Art Of Entering Anothers Body
Telecommunication will become the primary heuristic information sphere, source, re-source, gallery/studio of new media art and art inter-activity of the postmodern multicultural social.

Interpenetrating hard core experimentalism in informatics/hypermedia telecommunications depends upon a reliance on the formal qualities of the coding and interface design. It is through the reflections engendered by an immersion in the property of encoding, and of memory, that the structure of future developments rests.

Memory Theatre
Mutual illumination, parallelisms, perpetual syncronicity. Everything has a meaning.

And you'd better listen up! (One of the greatest somnabulists, the prophetess of Prevost, said in pronouncements edited by Justinus Kerner in the early part of the nineteenth century, "The world is a circle for me. In this circle I could go forwards and backwards and see what there had been and what was to come.") To predict and predicate the emerging paradoxical function of global telecommunications as transient loci and central medium of cultural advocacy, exchange, and change we need to create an experimental station. It needs to be a rapaciously interdisciplinary critical area for the application of the association of informational design and communications.

This gate way is to embody a futuristic reading of implications and scenarios of the digital realm for the creation of art and the dissemination of the cultural .

Everywhere and Nowhere
The Idea's radiation in the finite through the online.

To translate from the gestures of the user, commands, to the cup runneth over of the informational epiphany is the desired art.

What is it that you want to know when everything known is waiting to be downloaded? How will you speak to a cacophony?

Even Among Dragons There Are Nine Varieties
(Han Chinese folk expression)

No matter -- even bottled in its binary transforms, change is always, and only, a recognition of difference. This, the attributes of every system or program is, ultimately, the translations of metaphors inscribed from our own minds likeness. They are the graven images of our ideologies, they are the icons of our Gods, they are the banalities of our realities, and they are the unknowns of our fears and ecstasies.

However the specialization required to maintain position within the current competitive/slave environment posits a narrowing of horizons. A greater and greater dependence upon instrumental reason creates an elite that is irresponsible to the idea of a common culture.The overriding tendency is loss. Loss of cultural value and of value itself. For when everything has become a measure of something else, whether it be information or economic exchange, the remembrances of the individual, the basis of their sympathetic relation with the world, is forgotten, disallowed. The result in art and culture is the turning of the linearity of quest and the articulation of meaning into the uroboros of solipsism, pastiche, and appropriations, - history is liquefied, but there is really nothing left to drink.

Dogs Are To Humans
"The elite who occupy the commanding heights of digital reality are suicidal nihilists. Suicidal nihilists know that there is no longer any substantive purpose to their willing. But they would always prefer to go on willing than not to act at all. They can very happily ally themselves with a notion of nuclear holocaust or perfect exterminism....They're creating again and again the exterminism of human memory, the exterminism of human sensibility, the exterminism of individuated human intelligence, the exterminism of human morality itself." - Arthur Kroker in Mondo 2000, Issue #11. 1994

Claude Shannon, widely recognized as one of the principal architects of modern electronic communications, sees "no limits to the capacities of thinking machines," and "can visualize a time in the future when we persons will be to computers as dogs are to humans".

When information ceases its active role and when its coherence breaks down, the organism enters into a state of decay and breaks up into a mere collection of inanimate components. Please extrapolate from the above...

The active role of communication is the connectivity and unison of the community of communities...the prerogative of cultural production.

But Still The Problem of Souls
Meaning goes back to a root that signifies 'opinio' or 'intention' and is closely related to the word moaning.

An endless system of deferrals transpires between these social and individual meanings and the imposing reality of biological wants that they of necessity hinge upon, within the psychological, evolutionary, yet ephemeral self . It is here where power and politics, evoked by will, becomes the primary determinate, over and above the nicety of a usefully applied conceptual. Politics, to quote the Canadian Revolutionary William Lyon Mackenzie, "is the science that teaches the people of a country to care for each other." (1836)

On The Black Square/Malevich